Lew Cadkin is a Fine Art Photographer based in Brookfield, Wisconsin

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary"      - Aaron Rose


I hold a Bachelors degree in Design with a minor in Photography. My work experience has been in Product Development, Supply Chain, and Operations. Throughout my career, I have been involved with products that were in some form, dependent on design.

Therefore, I have always been informed by a sense of design, problem solving, utilization of tool sets, and an appreciation for craft. The use of structure and technical knowledge  in approaching problems has served me well in my photography.


I have always been in awe of how great artists and photographers see, and express light in their work. There is magic in capturing a moment that will never exist in exactly the same way again. The magic continues as an exploration of how the shapes, colors, textures, and shadows define what is seen. Whether an Ansel Adams landscape, or a Vivien Maier street photograph, it’s all about how the light falls on the subject’s unique characteristics.

My work is a study of the different forms that light takes, and the thinking behind how it is to be captured. There are times that I select a subject or point of view that forms the images that are captured. At other times, a project selects me, prompting the creation of an image.

I frequently use industrial or architectural subjects as they sit quietly, unadorned, basking in the changing atmosphere. The intent of my work is to convey complex subjects with clarity and simplicity, and to honestly express the essence of what is seen.  

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